A Modern spin on
Spanish cuisine

Level 1, The Light Brigade

Open from 5.30pm,
Tue – Sat

After spending time traveling in Spain, Head Chef Justin Schott fell in love with their vibrant culture, spontaneous eating style and fresh delicious flavours, wanting to bring home what he loved from his Spanish adventures.

“Subida is a modern spin on Spanish cuisine. My love for Spanish food stems from several trips to different areas, such as San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia. I love the style of eating, how casual it is, how easy it is, how clean the flavours are, and how delicious everything is. At Subida we want to bring all these experiences to life for our guests. We want to create memories of Spain and present them in our own contemporary way. People can eat as much or as little as they like, sit back, have a drink and just have a great time”.

Perched on level 1 of The Light Brigade, the fun, lively and modern Spanish dining experience at Subida is the vision of a curatorial program developed by China Heights gallery in Surry Hills.

By using bold colours, pattern and shapes on the wall art murals, Sydney based artists Brett Chan and Nadia Hernandez have transformed the sleek Art Deco eatery, into a venue that is reminiscent of a bustling Spanish street scene… playful, lively and spontaneous. The wall art also climbs up the stairwell to reveal the level 1 restaurant, giving relevance to the name “Subida”, which means to “rise or climb”.

So come, relax, eat as much or as little as you desire, enjoy a drink and have a fantastico time!