Five Things You Never Knew About Tapas
December 7, 2017

Spanish fever has well and truly hit since the opening of our new restaurant, Subida! The pintxos and tapas have been flying out the kitchen and the jugs of Sangria seem to be the perfect complement.

The inspiration behind Subida came from our head chef Justin Schott’s love of Spain’s casual and shared style of eating. Along the way, we also uncovered some pretty interesting facts about those world famous dishes that we have shared for you below.

1. The word tapas comes from the Spanish verb tapar, meaning “to cover”. Apparently, the original tapas were slices of bread, or meat used to cover a sherry glass. This would prevent fruit flies getting in the glass and spoiling the sherry!

2. The meat used to cover the sherry was usually ham or chorizo, chosen for its high salt content. This was cleverly done so to increase alcohol sales!

3. Rumour has it that King Felipe III, passed a law during his reign in an effort to curb drunken behavior. The law stated that when a drink was purchased, the bartender had to place a small plate of food on top as a lid. This was to help line the stomach and soak up some of the alcohol!

4. It is also believed that in traditional Spanish bars, you would eat tapas while standing, so the mini tapas plates were placed on top of your drink, allowing you to move about the bar.

5. In Spain, dinner is usually served around 9pm or later, leaving a lot of time between finishing work and eating dinner. So to not be too full before dinner, Spaniards would snack on tapas.

Make sure you head into Subida to see first hand what all the fuss is about!

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