An Artist’s Vision
November 24, 2017

The fun, lively and modern Spanish dining experience at Subida is the vision of a curatorial program developed by China Heights gallery in Surry Hills.

By using bold colours, pattern and shapes on the wall art murals, Sydney based artists Brett Chan and Nadia Hernandez have transformed the sleek Art Deco eatery, into a venue that is reminiscent of a playful and bustling Spanish street scene, somewhere you can come, relax, eat as much or little as you desire, enjoy a drink and be guaranteed one hell of a good time.

The non-linear narrative of both artist’s work, can be enjoyed on mass, or appreciated in concentrated sections.

The wall art also climbs up the stairwell to reveal the level 1 restaurant, giving relevance to the name “Subida”, which means to “rise” or “climb”.

Brett Chan

Brett Chan is a New Zealand born, Sydney based interdisciplinary artist, skateboarder, photographer and filmmaker. Using traditional geometric patterning that represents his urban community, Brett provokes discussion surrounding the relationship between the modern day and traditional historical cultures and identity in contemporary environments.

Nadia Hernandez

Nadia Hernandez is a multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in Sydney. Born in Merida, Venezuela, her practice continues to orbit and explore Venezuelan folklore and tradition, using collage, craft, design and text to reflect on the intersecting ideologies of social and political change.

Take a look at some of the amazing wall art murals below.


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